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Awaken the lion in you!

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Create training plan
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Werde der Champion

Try to become the champion

Battle with your friends and try to knock the champion off the throne.

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Build your statistics

The statistics provide information about your training progress. Diagrams show you at a glance which exercise you are progressing with. And they also show you in which exercise you have currently reached a plateau. So you can quickly see which exercise you should replace.

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Record your training session.

Entering the current training session is quick and easy. Enter your workouts from the session all at once or for each exercise individually. The app automatically recognizes which exercise you have already entered today.
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Add your friends.

Find your friends in the app by their nickname or qr code and add them to your friends list. This way you can see their points and their current training plan. Show them what you can do!
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Share your successes

In FitBat there are many ways to share your achievements with others! We support all social media platforms and messengers. So it doesn't matter if your friends are on FitBat, you can impress them that way too!
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